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AiFi NanoStore

Automated Checkout, 24/7


Introducing NanoStore

Expand your business with the fully automated store of the future.


Delight your customers with a checkout free experience. Nanostore leverages AiFi powered AI, cameras, and sensors to provide retailers with the world's first plug and play solution to autocheckout.

Fully Automated

Scale your business without increasing overhead. The NanoStore AI will run the day to day operations of a small convenience-type store, notifying you only when it needs restocking.

Open 24/7

Business hours are a thing of the past. Your customers can shop anytime of the day or night. There’s no need to close a fully automated NanoStore.

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How it Works

AiFi’s proprietary sensor fusion system combines deep learning, computer vision, and various shelf sensors to precisely track each customer’s journey and behavior in the store, recognize the products they pick up, and automatically generate a receipt as the customer walks out.

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How do consumers shop in the NanoStore?

Simple and seamless. Using a credit card or mobile app to enter, customers shop as usual and optionally check their receipt as they walk out.

Can I use my branding on the NanoStore

Of course! After purchase, feel free to brand with your custom signage and color schemes.

Can I customize the NanoStore design?

Yes! Additional costs will incur depending on the customization. Contact our sales team at to discuss your ideal store!

Do you process payment?

Not yet. For the time being, NanoStore connects with your existing payment system.

Do retailers need to provide a mobile app?

It’s optional. Retailers can use AiFi’s mobile SDK to generate QR codes for customer entry or they can allow customers to enter with their credit card.

What about my customers' privacy?

One advantage of our technology is that all the processing runs on the edge. No Personally Identifiable Information leaves the store.


2388 Walsh Ave
Santa Clara, CA 95051